The Wines

Our wines are the culmination of everything we do, from the efforts throughout the year to the decades of work and diligence that led up to this point, across our entire team. We put a lot of faith in ourselves and our colleagues to constantly strive for more, and we believe the proof is in that final glass.

Volcanic soils, pre-phylloxeric grape vines, cooling ocean breezes, extreme altitude and unique trellising systems; there´s so much to discover by opening a bottle of our wine.

We vinify plot by plot to best showcase the land itself and add to our continuous, learning process, managing 12 different grape varieties across 130 plot of land. Each wine speaks with its own voice, reflecting the beauty of Tenerife in a different way.

Bearing our name proudly, our self-titled range is our way of introducing ourselves to the world. We were one of the first wineries to introduce stainless steel fermentation to The Canary Islands, allowing the expression of place and grape to shine through and capture the hearts of those who tasted our wines.

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CAN embodies our philosophy of collaboration; that by working together we can achieve so much more. Produced from our oldest Listan Negro vines in El Ratiño and Viariego Negro from La Haza, this is a smoky, powerful wine that shows incredible depth and purity.

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