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Ever since our grandfather, Domingo Farráis, first returned from Cuba in 1939, the foundations of Tajinaste have been set in stone. Seeing the wild beauty and potential of the Orotava Valley in Tenerife, Domingo purchased the El Ratiño estate and planted the first of our vines, many of which still bear fruit to this day.

Tajinaste, so named after the beautiful flower of Tenerife, was officially created in 1977. Under the watchful eye of Agustín García Farrais, we go from strength to strength, always with a focus on honouring the unique land we´re privileged to farm. Our role here is to understand and showcase the true beauty of this land, of its people and its wines.

At Tajinaste, wine is an integral part of our family story. Just as our vines have their roots deep into the volcanic soils of Tenerife, so too do our own roots go deep into the islands culture and history.

The History

«Tajinaste, La Vida Entre Racimos».

We invite you to know the story of our family narrated in the first person by our aunts (Nena, Ñica, Ilda, Charo, Juana and Cecilia Farráis Lorenzo), who together with Agustín García Hernández, our father, would greatly promote the vineyard and the winery until our days.